The leading port handler for wind energy projects

At Hooli Stevedoring, we take pride in our expertise in handling wind energy projects. In 2022 alone, we successfully processed 150 wind turbines, making us the leading port handler for wind energy projects in Finland. With over 33 years of cargo handling experience, you can trust us to handle your wind energy projects with precision and efficiency.

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Building a greener future, one giant part at a time

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Unloading vessels

Wind turbine components can be challenging to handle due to their size and weight, with blades up to 80 meters long and components weighing up to 100 tons. Our team has the expertise and equipment to handle these components with care and precision, ensuring both effective and safe unloading. Just last year, our team successfully unloaded 60
vessels carrying these components.

Carrying wind turbine components

We have our own transport equipment which enables us efficiently move wind turbine components to our storage area. Our machinery and transporting equipment gives us the possibility to transfer all kinds of wind turbine parts at the Port.

Doing everything by ourselves ensures:

  • Safety
  • Flexibility on our working times
  • Ability to work on weekends
  • Fast reaction time
  • Clear communication
  • Possibility to move components for repairing or washing

Other components

We have a variety of lifting equipment suitable for even the most demanding project requirements – like this 200-ton lifting beam, expertly designed to manage challenging project components.

Outdoor storage

We currently offer up to 27 hectares of storage area for wind energy projects. By 2026, we will gain an additional 30 hectares of storage space to meet the needs of the growing wind energy sector.


Projects we've been part of

Murtotuuli, Posio

Välikangas, Haapajärvi

Isoneva, Siikajoki

Jakoistenkallio, Sievi

Kesonmäki, Haapavesi

Pyhäntä, Kajaani & Vieremä

Pajuperänkangas, Haapajärvi

Karahka, Oulainen

Polusjärvi, Pyhäjoki

Parhalahti, Pyhäjoki

Annankangas, Raahe

Kaukasenneva, Kannus

Ilosjoki, Pihtipudas

Mastokangas, Raahe & Siikajoki

Illevaara, Hyrynsalmi

Riutunkari, Oulunsalo


Hankila, Haapavesi

Kivivaara, Suomussalmi

Kokkoneva, Siikalatva

Oltava, Pyhäjoki

Mutkalampi, Kannus, Kalajoki & Kokkola

Tolpanvaara, Pudasjärvi

Hirvineva, Liminka

Metsälamminkangas, Vaala

Puutikankangas, Sievi

Puutikankangas, Sievi

Peuravaara, Suomussalmi

Murtomäki, Pyhäjärvi

Lumivaara, Hyrynsalmi